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☺ŲЯ ŋΈﷲ æﴼβưm ЧaŞ B SIDES FROM ┬ђє мα†tρưטּŦ


it's bside"

Music Video --> www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQCiuyHocCE


released October 2, 2016

τ♪TΛﺎ •••-••• ſדכЖﺃⁿو
₧iگگa •••-••• ۹ǼЯтҰ?!


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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Track Name: Melody_V2
Melody V2

Forget... Forget all about your right ear.
Well you made all of this up, the inconsistencies
imagined inflammations, the pressured sound.
Forget.... decide to forget right, here right now, today.
I feel a little more today, if I can forget maybe it will just go away.

I don't know what this means, is this some kind of body message.
The change within my Sinus says "oh... I've always been there"

Forget... Forget what I feel right now because right I'm unclear
It will come and go as it wants to. Healing, Dissipating in my sleep.
counting the pulse, and breathing into the pressure
Ignite the candle hold it clear.

Forget... Forget all about your right ear.
I think you made all of this up, all the inconsistencies
imagine inflammations, the pressure of sound.
Forget.... decide to forget right, here right now, today.
I feel a little more today, if I can forget maybe it will just go away.
Track Name: "I am the Walnut"
"I am the walnut"

Well she was born in oakland California
No she wasn't I was just kidding.
I'm just joking around.

You got to know what your talkin' about
Be clear about what your asking for
Want to get some tattoos for my birthday?
NAH... I'm just messing around with ya.

No I am serious as cancer.. ∫00£ :(
a tattoo on my shoulder+++
of a keebler elf smoking a joint
Track Name: Tempest
(Will of Harm)

Generation of Confusion.
I will never sleep in this life.
When you've gathered up the plants together you remove their arms with a knife, Never rest once.
I never get done. Your tattooed with affection
With the roses placed around you
I'm writing mixed intentions.
Experimenting with addiction.
Kissing the feet of your imperfections.
Put the limbless bodies aside in a bundle near the fire.
Wait the seven days until your heart is hardened and your body feels desire
The glory of the path. The darkness into joy.
I have felt the words rise right beneath my hands oh yes
The memories we have still. The feelings that we've shared oh
all along the way

generation of dementia trying to explain what it all means.
When we look into the darkness we will see ourselves looking with our parents genes
Don't worry about the problems now, this will all make sense when we're looking back, reflecting with a barrel aged red flemish ale and a cigar, as we stare into the burning sun, that will in great strides outlive the world that we are.
Track Name: Colour Trail
There is a rainbow around your head
I see a color trail after you
An arc drifts just beyond your step
a glowing spectrum in your wake
You define it yourself you know.
You step out into the street and it's raining so loud
the gentle little pieces drift slowly down from the sky
Through the fog and glare... you are shining in the dark, your headress glows
the colors will come out and sing a few lines

you are:
a human being living in the flesh just like all of us standard on the ground, kiss us to the earth
you are:
a story to be told and your life transmitted by your children through your voice
you are:
why don't you tell me where you really come from, why you have ability when will you be coming over to me
you are:
a diamond in the rough a story to be told a diamond in the rough.

Track Name: Trunk Treasure
Trunk Treasure

I would invite Peter Gabriel into my home any old day.
I would invite Fiona Apple to jam any old day.

Oh my hand is on the goat skin ready to smack that tone in the right place, get ready to get smacked in the face, by the tone of the thunder. Your feet under your knees, got to move to the beat, release the tension, you got to get your pension, today the Bart's on strike, no intervention by government no resolution in sight,
maybe I'll go take a hike, Can I just hop the bike. Disgorge is playing in the city tonight. I got see those dorks for real this time. I'm fine with drivin' you know that I wi+ ll be crying sweet tears of blood if I miss this stupid metal show.

Nobody exactly what's in the apple store
Track Name: Dad My Funk
Dad My Funk

on any ordinary day I find myself
reconsidering my path. it's the cross that's on my back
I sort of wish it wasn't like this I wish I had
a handle on the gift and I understood the price
I kinda think I'm going to die soon I think i've got to
finish what I can and just simply let go

I think about a girl or two. I think about you
I don't know what I'm going to do. But nobody should care
I'm going to move to sweden, hang out with fancy people,
and write down my adventures in a blog
After that I'm going to lose all my access to computers
and then I'll have to record all my thoughts in songs

I see a person roughly my age, drunk, staggering along in the dark morning rain

Anybody could spend their whole money
account slowly over a period of life
so they are album making; getting their answers.
The same people could just make a new choice
Fortune is found in the daily bread
and when you know that you'll continue to live

On an avenue full of attitude: I turn around.
my back is facing to be rude. I don't see you but I still hear the sound
out your mouth is clicking noises, it's rendering down the project
compiling all the thoughts from the top
I might be hard to deal with but you are hard to deal with
and later I'll write all about this in my blog for you
Track Name: Pinny-Wud Durpy
Dead Waiter.

you make me
you make me zomb'
you make me zombie
you make me completely invincible
you make me completely indecipherable.
Can I take your order?
Track Name: Still on the Crook
Doomed and forced to wait, he tasted gold
The hand hand of age rests still on the crook.

A dig trowel
a clean tooth
a spark to use for win
A nice pillow at last
a truth to choose to believe in
believe me you'll want what I have, you'll see
when you get a chance to "really be"

I was caught in a lover's net, a death of gold and all alone.
I deserved the name I got and into this I strive to grow.