Lost in Time


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The companion to "Chill Crosby II : From the Rave to the Grave" which will be released soon on Circuitree Records.


released January 7, 2011

Denny Denny Breakfast (Robert LaDue) & Wake (Matthew Hettich)


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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Track Name: Baked Alaska
Burning like the baked alaska did
These days the station will mock the sayre
These days the sky will fill you lungs up
With blankets to wrap around the oratals
Softening pathways, stregthening the wall of bone
This huffs the grunt okay, a call you must obey

Crevice loving victims correcting and helping out the least
Safe is smeared across the mirror in the bathroom in blue ink
Frothing lakes of liquid to steam away up the porcelain life
nothing in the vacuum with 10 minutes more where that came from
Track Name: Birtch Sacks
Love was not overtly advertised as an automatic terrible experience generator.
It seemed like a great sack of rice to buy. But the output sure sucked me up a new one.

But on the largest scale available. It seemed reasonable to ask give a half a chance
With no feelings to account for, all restrictions were denied, and my teacher retired .

A minion from the daily sun, asked for questions but none of the answears got eliminated, in truth belated,
Minion got retarded started breaking, shaking, crabby light the floor, what more could you ask for
How bout for some cash back? How bout bring the track back.

A classic plea for clarity
a classic need for sobriety
The crap I read is such a tell.
Why should it be anything else.
It's true the service was the best.
Sweet love can hold up to any test.

I'm talking for the second time
Don't you here my words come freely
Track Name: End of Hell
Remember last night the moment I tried to save you
I'm sorry I failed
Remember the claim I layed to stake you
I never came through

listen to me. We're seeing the end of hell and you know that well it feels like falling falling

I really gave up back then and now it's now. Time marches on. Everything's gone.
I laughed to myself because I can't die. But I don't know why.
Track Name: Out On The Roof
Bring the Master to shoot him... ignore the armies of ghosts.
Zombies pile against the door, it's our only way out.
Does it look like the land is falling or does it seem like the clouds are full of blood
Does it scream like the headstones in the graveyard, on the hill

The great are green and the great will run on dry for the greater the show
Allow the scene that will take place in the heart of the city that glows
Nothing bleeds at the rate we need it to Nothing stays as the raids we warrant rule
Nothing's happening Nothings in our cue What will we do.

Out on the roof, the sun going down, the city's a sound
Track Name: Terrible Deal
Knowing full well the circumstances.
But Why did the guy have to be killed?
It's sure been mentioned before, it's been brought up at shows .
it's just not a good deal at all
Why is lying the only way out?
Why can't there be out door that's labeled clearly?
It's announced every time someone brings that shit up.
But's just no deal at all
How bout stripping a leg to the bone
How bout giving enough to just really feel
It's redundant and strong it's a ceiling and wall
it's just a good deal at all
Sheeps skin on heads that sing a lot of lines
A clear head with the clearest intentions speaking
Through the majesty's lips, through the bottomless pits,
it's just not a good deal at all

Why don't the limitations show,
They're real enough to know,
this would not cause progress to slow
Why don't the limitations show,

Why won't the ceiling grow
why won't the floor erode
why won't the walls explode
Don't seal that deal!
Track Name: House Of The Good You
Do you want to give a drunken handshake to me stretch your arm out?
I Lay low me when there is no more drinking water
It bothers me when there's no water
Seriously, what have you got in your cup
Raw brut papers In a catch-bag I know how guilty I feel, and I think you to
oh today I waved a flag in front of a teriyaki sun
My sheild was barely holding out. I pretty much got stabbed
I heard you like stories that end with you in love
Well I can tell great one, but I just can't back it up.
Sun low bye day
Track Name: Bottled Organic Ranch Rice
don't worry this feel is organic
Don't hang me my rice is grass fed
Don't hurt my gun is unloaded
I'm the winter in the race through the sun
The game of dreamer is a love work my son

The girl will give me dreams I can't shake I can't unload
I panic from the start.
My friend licks the palm of his hand then he smacks the back of my head
I learn a lot from this man, and it almost costs nothing.

The cow is dead but I swear it's organic.
She makes me think about the monster I use and you too
I've got a steady diet and it gives me headaches
If I had everything man I'd eat only plants

Colder warmer seasons tumble
I want Ranch dressing on this number
Do you feel me>?
Softer Warmer Darker Sharper Will you write down all you want?

All grown up and all grown out. I'm living in a pocket way down south by your house
I eat raw brains and I grow my own grains babey ain't a thang it's a bottle of sin
Track Name: Cementary Lounge
you can shake you fist and you can shake your logs
You can make a list of a things you want
You could give me chunks of cash to burn or eat
You could give me lengths of string to tie myself to a seat

You can ride along with me I take the bart
You can write a song for free well I guess its art
You can make a lot money just by hanging out
You can do all these thingsyour own hometown.

What if you don't believe me little sister. What if you've been let on little brother.
What will shake you legs when we get tired of commitment and go the cemetary lounge

The cemetary lounge has everything you needed everything you wanted all that could possibly exist
it's got replacements for drink tickets, alternate beaches and all the conviences of love.
We could elope and migrate,
Even all the animals will do like this
even all the cats that live inside your room.
They will gather food for weeks and build straw hats
Their homes are really bad cuz they don't have a construction guide
Track Name: We Were Aiming Too Low
Stretch my guts to the limits
there was such a great party in my pants
You were cordially invited. Just so long as you knew that you would die.
She's a camera, she's a gun, she's a mountain for our fun.

Criminal always my pleasure girl make me your principal make me a special doll
Call it what you could call it "a fake" give me one reason to give you play
Why do you restrict my hands why do you give me head why is there bloodshed why not
the sweet time we have spent all together all again is the reminder that I have left the den
The bad touch is filling up to create another cup for the release and the sweet consolidation
Track Name: Melodic
Born against a wall. you mother never gave you up.
Even in her death. I see your hand resting on a dog's head.

You always wear that ring. What does it represent, why did you choose that finger.

Just case you can't tell , I miss you so much, I've been so long without your loving touch

I want to make a plan to escape from prison. I want to get convicted and go over to your house. I want make a movie, I want to cook a dinner, I want play my drumset, I want to hear a sound play. I want to stay away from the traffic in rush hour cuz I'll sit for hours and never get there yet. *

Now she's overhead
there's she's overhead
god she's overhead
I can see her there.
Track Name: TuffRuggy
If you listen to the bands that rock, you will that they all know to sing and talk.
You should notice how their fans take stock that the drummers hi hat ticks like a clock
If you follow the tour van around then you will be driving from town to town
If you're then you buy a t-shirt then everybody knows you were at the concert.

There's a million bands in this country you can not pretend like you know them all
You can get away with quite a lot, because most people don't even care They just don't care.
when a band comes in to your town you do the research and you learn about their background
Then when some bro comes along with shirt you can show him up, and prove that he's a poser.

If you pick the merch, you will support the band, you will be a good fan, if you pick up the merch, you will support the band, you want to be a good fan, come on buy that t shirt.

It's every little bands big dream to acquire a substantial following
You make it a reality with others like yourself you could create a scene
A band will be underground but when they get popular they change their sound.
At this point all the fans disagree but it doesn't to the band you see.