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All Songs composed, performed, and Produced by TFPP
TFPP is Matt Hettich and Bob Ladue
Mixed and Mastered by Sean Price at Misery Loves Company.
Graphic Designed by: Megan Daily
Photo By: Megan Daily

Made in Oakland, California

2015 Proximal Records


released June 6, 2015

Additional Details:


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. ... more

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Track Name: Coffee The Mystery
She told me that she would get me the blackest single coffee of the earth.
But She Lied, She Lied, She told me the truth
The sweetest truth on the earth.
Coffee: The Sweetest Gift... a Magnificent drink for the king or the queen
Alright Alright, I'll pour you a cup. These are the gift or the prize.

He told me that he would get me a special drink of coffee just for me.
Well He lied, He lied, He told me the truth.
I will wear this gesture on my sleeve
Coffee: The Mystery... All that you wanted to know.
Throughout time, throughout time, it gets into your mind it's the taste of the bean you have loved.

She told me that she would pour the greatest coffee in my urn.
so i died i died she told me a lie.
I will dream of coffee while I burn,

Coffee the greatest fruit
Coffee a bean from a tree
you pour me the warmest cup
you save that warm one for me.

I would repeatedly empty out and fill it back up
To the top, to the top, to the break, or till I stop
the sun can time itself by the cup
The Coffee of industry. Always in tune with your mind
you just lied, you just lied, you just told me the truth
Respectfully standing by my side
Track Name: FiveFour
deep peace, cool night, soft morning
there’s the death….there’s the death you speak of
escape the year… move, slower son
never rest…..never rest
the snow is all around us
do you remember why?

it’s like a missing yearbook photo
you’d better rely on yourself
move softly
become the emptiness you’ve always known and loved

Looking out onto the unknown... endless stream of time before me.
Track Name: ChryNobl
You'll find yourself at steak dinner with me.
Pass me thine Holy Salt.

I'm fixing up to be with you so that I can be with you
I'm fixing up, and I hope that this will be enough I pray that the gates do not shut for me

One Thing to keep in your mind is
One voice to hold inside your mouth.
I'm like a caveman lost in the aisles of the store.
Watch out for the snow boss.
I'm like a rain stick that's longer than the longest of them all.
Watching all the snow fall
I'm watching all I want... watching all I want.
You will get out early.... stay alive kid. +++
Track Name: Reflection Rise
last night: The moon showed, over the hill | the sky up where it is
blanketing keeping warm | a heavy sleep
last light the dust settles under my heart
delivering me an eyeful of amber ash | sparkling sporadically
moving slowly down reflection rise
keep a steady pace
keep an unending peace
breathe deep
you'll be with me

the dust in the distance
red sun in the cloud
graceful in the east
(the entire city absent from)
Track Name: The Newest Prism
In the frosty glaring gaze of the daylight I straighten my problems out oh yes
That's a fancy suit for a cold heart. and I live too much
oh small magic in the corner by the kitchen sink.
I burn it just to burn it. Flaring host.
Feel like bio-alive at the stream to lake
Her shadow does escape your eye.
A slowness coming over my cane.
My friends keep walking away.
Mud signals winding in the hit
You are feeling now the pull of the heart inside you godless train wreck.
The strong hand is coming off, you are free again.
Cold approaches rapidly.
No one will explain a thing to you.
You and I were meant to fight for this war
the reason is a prism of paths and a chore to find

You are feeling now the pull of the heart inside you godless train wreck.+
The strong hand is coming off, you are free again.
No one will explain a thing to you.
the reason is a prism of paths and a chore to find
endless time slipping by........
Track Name: The Brave Man
Find a golden knife in the
I see you have 2 lives left
you’ve wasted your life on nothing.
give in to sweet happiness
a vacant advertisement passes your piss around.
falling out of love with gods.
my woozy head into the burning stack.
falling...I cannot return.
death of the family.
a brave man could survive anything
like a hard loan from the body
do you see yourself dying this way?
..with a head full of questions?
As the generation after me…. the one after them...the one after that…..
endless time passing by.
Track Name: Tribal Butt
Too much ghost.
There is one ghost on the TV:
one girl shows us that she is on drugs.
She shows us the hand.
The others get to see both her hands.
Such terrible drug life hands.
Hands sliding down the TV.
The clapping hand together with the other hand.
The presentation to the mothers.
Her skin subtle white behind a cloud.

At the same time, there's a big fire.
The flames near to father.
A very bad fire, and too blissed out for me.
The fryer flick the ember in the wind.
The trees had their sway in the matter.
A rolling combustion across the land.

Lemon was tired.
She is getting very tired.
With swollen tooth and she is always tired, always tired, always, tired.
always tired....always tired.....always......tired.....
always tired
Confusion surrounds me like a blanket that gives me youth.
Gives me youth
Gives me time
gives me age
gives me love
gives me the best
takes no cut
always free
my property
my only eyes
my only car
my only shoes
the sense of self
the sense of place
know your limit
regard the scale
you are within
I am within
we can hold our hands
or stand apart
you stand aside
I stand inside
I'm wrapped by this
my sense of self
who I am
What I do
what I will become
endless time passing by.....................
Ultimately there was just too much talking.
We danced all night.
We danced alright.
We slept and died.
Track Name: 90's Scream
An Actual 90's Scream
The 80's Scream
You've got a bit of cancer in your teeth.
Just a touch of cancer in your smile.
So don't you go, brush your hair
smack your boy take your drugs
Listen up to the tender sound of the popo siren going 'round
A minor cancer from your youth.
Comes back with some vinegar for your age
A scratchy white cue ball in your throat.
...Hope you're a millionaire
Save your stuff, don't throw out
Make a pile, set on fire
hangover and a coffee
with a smoke for good luck
So you don't go brush your hair
smack your boy take your drugs
Listen up to the tender sound of the popo siren going 'round
No more Lost Angels No more infinity
Nothing in your memory. nothing on your blog
I'll get off the subject soon, but just there's one more thing.
You can't scream the 90's scream that I am requiring.
You can't sing the melody ancient 90's tunes
You don't know the chords for the chorus dude
Skip to the loo, (man I gotta go) skip trulala, (la la la la)
Let's all move to Denver Colorado
It would super cheap
at least... compared to the bay it would be.
Our employers would probably never understand.
But you know what, Berkeley bowl is actually for wimps.
Real men eat sand for breakfast and they straight up skip lunch. Wimps that cry when this skidding knee scraps them but a little TLC bumping on the radio put a smile back there on any poor whip that tries to touch me. You mess with my family you are messing with me and Vice-a-Versa. a Pizza Pasta. A puntkin latte. Pitkin knows. She definitely told me she knows. Anywho, what are you doing later? I was thinking of going over to Dogpatch and getting in some good upsies. Or would you prefer to skip upsies and go directly to the beer store?
I remember all the time
We spent in a car.
It took a long to get where we are
don't ever look back my dear god hope we don't die too soon
there's a waterfall ahead
Track Name: Yegaman
Hey Everybody get your linen off
you find a pinnacle
pick out a summer calabash
touching the bottom of the night
will we work in our sleep?
I told you I want to get paid in cash
have a dried up salad if want some
you unbelievable soul.
Let's go out and get your life taken seriously
There is a real right way to control your face
OH yes, This is a real race and you are really being chased.
baby baby baby don't you cry too tight
I am just right here to help you eat your in-n-out scamburger
secret menu fear. Do you feel unleashed? do you want to yak down the Yegaman? You disco bitch!! let's get some tizzy chizzy lizzies vente grande Do you die on my porch? you're my little cray-cray-bay-bay!!