Phil Spectator


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remixed for the future on 2014-06-27!!


released September 8, 2009

ddb & Wake


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. ... more

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Track Name: The Gumball
"Just as I thought" is actually four words, jerk.
Track Name: The
I awoke in a hazy cornfield of breast.
John Cornfield whistled in my hand.
...and John Coltrane was dog-licking my ears.
John Zorn felt a bit rough under my tounge.
But I didn't let it bother me because:
It's not everyday, that I awake in a cornfield of breast... breast....
Track Name: The Electric Question
I am told there is a spot
where if you can find yourself there you will be better off.
the rain never stops today
but if you itch the spot it will bleed out strong and never go away
it gets hard for me to say
whether I am lost or I cannot see the only way
I will run unless I can't
there is no way I have enough time to get to where I can

I hope that they don't catch up
I hope that they don't catch on

There is somebody we all know just wants to be
on the bridge in the lake it was not a mistake

I hope that they don't catch up
I hope that they don't catch on
I hope that I will get out
I hope that I can move on
I hope that you will grow up
I hope that you will hold out
I hope that you will get real
although, I doubt

You can help me blaze some manic toe
you can hold my hand forever
drink the bottle of fate
drink the bottle of trust
drink the bottle of hate
I broke the bottle of lust
throw your envy ideas crept out of the court
and the makeshift half amount of her

well that's a sign of waste, that's a sign of losing her
I don't care you'll make a river.
drink the bottle of fate
drink the bottle of trust
drink the bottle of hate
I broke the bottle of lust
throw your envy ideas crept out of the court
and the makeshift half amount of her
Track Name: The Track Shop
Goddamn, there goes the ship... how do we get home now?
We'll have to use each other's bodies.... re-use our minds
rinse and repeat till we all go blind

make a damn, and make it from your hand
shake the motherfuk out, boots are filled with sand
can't you be a strong g...........
who is always strong now who's the better man?
maybe we should I'll see if I can send it
via postal service, all the way to end, bit by bit
I'll make the bomb track again so it fits on the menu
I Do it cuz I can. You see that's me back to the mack shop school,
beets on like a dump truck for the fools
aged like a wine it will be better with some time
the crest on the sine wave shakin booties fine
maybe it's a crime baby the lamb is hungy for the lion
there's a punk lax attitude that's chilling out my rhyme
it's just a matter of the words that you see the people buying
if it ain't for the cuts that wake bring are kind bud smoking to the cops that are writing down the fine club bumpin ass hits that are rich in design that nobody "gets" but they don't seem to mind such is all of this shit. I'm like the tricks that you'll find. chicks that are crying all the time cuz they see the bricks flying from the walls that are falling as we see the trend dying. makes you want to walk like a 20k buy in. It's the beat that you find yourself hiding in.
Track Name: The Hotel Water
The girl she stood so pretty

I chose to drink some hotel water
that's when I became a father
Now I know what's better but
but before I coudn't see the aftermath

The girl was pretty annoying

the girl was really horny
I gave into what I would consider to be quite the vacation
from reason now as I look back on that I realize I was dumb
the girl was crazy boring
Track Name: The Hollywood
She scared me away
her name was "drugs", and mine was "other drugs"
I gave a shit, but I didn't give a fuck
I didn't know it was her first time.
Track Name: The Miami Sunset
she went for a walk
that was the last time I saw her
and now she's dead
Track Name: Vroom Go The Cow Mew (Bumruckass)
gold is down in the ocean where all you need is your fantasy to breathe
that's why I want the picture truth I want every number that you have got for me
I'm alone in the function I'm so lost and cold in a fully manned quest for your life
seeking to the west I hope you've every little lie a lot more closely tied

what's it going to be tonight we got way too much to wait for you to decide
Time is always after time i'm just here to wait a watch it all roll by
Too tempted by the thought of it she really really wants you to look and say that you're down.
I can't have the double face of her I don't want to be the guy that's around

all alone I drink from this, I ate from this
before it's gone I'll give a kiss. I won't wait for ya'll

fly away from the getting hotter world of it's fate and everybody's hands
make me room to come a lie down with you because I need the space that says to me that "I'm in"
filling up with the water and the salt nothing ever cooks when you sit and it boils
nuanced in the face of all I don't ever want to see that face cry tears that dry out

lacking top end vision #1 can't really wait until I see the sun
buy me everything I want. Take me around and tell me what I need.
forced to be an enigma forced to run around with the head chicken cut-off-like
75 years it takes to live today come on everybody sing and dance your face off.
Track Name: La "The" Dure
got me.
Track Name: The R-and-B
of an eagle's hood it's in california I say manifff
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
hold on I gotta work out some kinks
ha ha ha
hold on I gotta work out some kinks
ha ha ha
what's up my name is Paper D and I'm on the sly and I've eyed the smell of the crazy guy. This story takes place in California, that's the place where she was born
Track Name: The Real Version
three of them fell in the river
taking turns killing myself,
the third day of this gets boring
I wanted to die on the beach in sun
so I set up a ladder to get there

I mixed myself up a bottle
full of dried blood with ash
what came out was something new
there was nothing left over in that
and the empty bottle broke at my feet

I made tears today for linens
clothing that would dissolve on your skin
there was a naked soldier dead
I counted up as far as I could
he never worked again

great old people dying of cancer
secrets that they learned that they never told
I tied a knot and I can't undo
I broke my leg when I fell from the tree
who are you?