TFPP prezents: "Chill Crosby Two​:​Chill Crobzie 3: Kryll Byll"


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Kradoop 01:02
I’m the real cheese not like that fake crap you get at the store you bought some stupid CD butt I’ll buy a million more than you I’ll pull a joke on you like I always do you need parental supervision and you need some good advice let me advise you not to make me have to repeat myself 2wice. Whenever there’s a problem I’ll be sitting on your face, you went to school at Dick Acadamy and you were the Aes, I hung out with your mom last night and I got to 3rd bass, you download 2 much krap from itunes and you suck. I was watching CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE ( and I saw you as you met your executioner you were crying wimpy tears lyke a looser and then Soron went ahead and digitized you without even thinking about it. So then I flipped the channel and started watching Kreepshow Part 2. Little did I know this film would also feature you. You were the GERK in each part that didn’t know what to do. But by the end of the film you made it out ok, you made it out okay you are alive today I didn’t expect but you just made it out okay.
Ashtray 01:28
My name is ashtray. I hope you do a double take. I come up on the holiday, and for my purchase I will select the unbelievable size late. I got a chill beat process, I go to yoda class with the full cast of star wars. I’m involved in cyber wars with data mining companies located in china, I’ve got a vintage line up of all your favorite baseball diamonds. you can stop by my place sometime to pay your dime to show your respect for my interior design. Not to say i’m a designer. II’m a super paranoid ex gangsta NASA employee working on a project to re-secure lost goverment funding for our top secret, pop singer post-modernist project. If we get enough of hits on youtube we might be able hang out the real dudes from google. It may take a straight act of God no chaser., we got our kick starter project for that. So drop you digital dollar in our hat. It’s that simple don’t you feel an impulse to be helpful? Don’t you’ll feel dirty and sinful. Like a thirty year old bimbo? read the billboard, We’re working within a window of time so if you don’t mind, would you be so kind and pay up or be fined. You know you signed on the line and the cost was defined, but somehow you’re behind on your payments and i will make a arrangements to have some big dudes add derangements to your face. And slap you around all over the place. Your clothes will get browned and your eyes will get maced. Your bank account is in outer space. This is what you do on all of your blind dates you get from craigslist. I’m amazed by the vague list of terrorists that you’ve met up with and probably kissed.
I see the sun is gone an urban plague is spawned. I've lost a million lives along the path to gaining vigor in the eyes of a god. A Mastadonic breath fills the shadow with a dying glance towards the window. The regrets of a life of limbo. The dust of time narrows to zero. And what We use will be the hero, also salvo for the cashflow. So strap in your velcro, and sing rap on piano. Wave against the grain, harsh to remove a tangle, without alram I will return to this part so I can filter from the pyramid farm. I'm simply not the soul that you want. allow some time to gaze beyond the font. view the incarnate epistle ever so deeply ensconced. Always isolated as I've demonstrated will result in wounded pride and wasted time and all things we desired. The policy refills your glass, a delicate taste for which we have asked, feather tingle on the tounge, inspired the culinary crafts So know your path, discern, adapt. Comprehend control of your wrath. You may fiercly Loosed upon your souls behalf. Potting soil filled with stones, crazy dreamers all alone a, dream is captured in a network, a dream is the hope, this is truth you've known, your must walk into the vieled future before you will come into your own. So kill 2 birds with one stone and steal the crown steal the throne, I wager that will break the surface of the house you disowned. The keystone the you've let go. the defeated test of an oath, efforlessly destroyed with one unvarying stroke
I got every radiohead album except for all the new ones. They released a ton and I got done buying them because it costed so much. then I guess I just fell off the map cuz I was crazy with love. It was springtime, I opened my heart and released my doves. No doy!!!! and I did all of this to show affection for you. You never recognize the things I do, the steps I take, the masks I make, the buns I bake. I tend to imitate a conscious state and I donate a paperweight. She was late but her buns were great, don’t you see I can conjugate like a sophisticate. I’m trying to liquidate my whole estate. Baby you just don’t quit and that’s why you’re going go up top rate. but you got to limit that budget girl.. or elase your going down. That’s the truth that spilling out. So don’t be messin’ around. My lil harddrive got infected by a big packet of truth. I download a pack a day. My bandwith limits are totally cra-cra, the essence of the fix I’m in is what I’m tryin’ to get my words to say, my platform to convey! We’re living in a society that broke down by the side the road, sorry to say, call up your triple A, get him out here, get yourself fixed up and get on your way. Don’t worry we’ll see better days, filled with fish fillets, and chocolate ice cream sundaes, lots of sweet parties with famous big name DJs, and insane ballets, chamapaign at work on a monday. We’ll be liviing the dream, to the extreme, none of the dorks, know what I mean, You got your Thom Yorkes, your got your terrible reviews on pitchfork. You got to read them everyday so you can be educated and go to a concert.
this impediment is surely happening. can’t you hear your sponsor sing? Acrid incantations elicit me. The sullen rise of the tobacco smoke, retrospectives are evoked, a guided tour down the rabbit hole. An open window to the void, allows a soft breeze to drift in from the open wound like a roadmap through the skin of the moon. Wise to the architecture of this cocoon. I feel so immune, you are so perfumed, Can I sleep within your doom? My head is swollen in the lap of the gods. This life is a wasted ace, an excruciating immortal race, we have contaminated grace, we have polluted and we’ve plagued, we are a waste of space, the future of the human race Spoiled like an egg and rich like a dream. too noxious to breathe, too exhausted to sleep, way too toxic to me, the size of a pin with the strength of the beast. Every day there’s a new lease on your life with your palm greased and your knife, walking the side, fall in the line, stepping in the time, west wing is a crime scene, stealing and lying, I was never 17 going on 18, you were never 16 going on 17. You were in the magazine, you were on a trampoline, the alcohol was pumped into my blood like a vaccine. You send your messages out with a Fax machine. You need to work on your hygiene. You look like a wolverine. You smell like some suncreen. Your house is a submarine. You’re good at the tambourine. Your car’s out of gasoline. You’re addicted to morphine. addicted to nicotine. addicted to soybeans, you listen to Springsteen. You act like a preteen, your soul is so unclean, your room is just not clean, your wallet is empty. So don’t try to bet me. You got no collateral. Your artworks upset me. You dress like an animal. Your incompetence is tangible. I punched you in your mandible. Your problems are becoming so unmanageable.
Duplex 01:09
You dress like a dixie duplex in your dukes I got flag for my tools labeled "box full of nukes" I got a place for my stand up, my legitimate slander, it’s the internet baby you’re looking at the commander. I’m addicted to mercury, it’ll suck the life from me, my job is the death of me, Youth is the rebirth I need. I cut down the giving tree. In spanish my grades were D’s. Will I make it overseas? Will I find company in the absurdity of the sin. The final nail in coffin. a small ship in a bottle of aspirin. When I feel exagerated I’m livin’ up in a gas blimp with ten billon dollars of equipment. I’m heavy pimpin’, my word is molten gold in a handshake, I’ll pass on a cold, This liver is spawning mold, You do what you’re told, so slide me down a thick drink, I live by instinct, you willl have plenty of time to think when you’re sleeping at the precinct. Under the sink You’ll get to show off your stupid tattoo ink to all the missing links. You were drunk you decided on the color pink and Right across brow you tattooed a hyperlink. it’s the URL to your fave anime forum. But the site was taken down in 1994, and now you living with 404 on your forehead. You probably wish that you were dead but instead you’re a billboard.
I’m about to help you in you cataracts. Kick-start your vision 24/7 hindsight looking back. make a point to make yourself decide, sell yourself, inside be strong, besides... I don’t want to come across like I’m straight wrong, I’m to focused on the notes and I forgot the whole song. I’m around the beat one but still a pawn in the game I’ll receive Beat down before the moon changes. is this not epiphany? You have to move to california start a buisness new philosphy. When the time comes, the time will show the shoulders you can touch. Better this than an overflooded garden in a spring flush out market is a goal but now I can’t wake up. Try to take this from me where I am I double dare you. This will be the suit that I will wear to my burial. You may bury me up to my neck in this material. Spoiled like an egg and rich like a dream. This is not a time to forget what you need You know it’s no thing I hate. But it will double cross you when it’s too late Thick waves ride homeostasis I try you on a temporary basis beveragize in your temporary places look in your eyes at your temporary faces I replace with disgraces I never said that you and I would make it like a race to fit in smaller spaces your mother makes your father wear braces You fillin all you pockets up with aces you think you can get away without a bassist? you think it would be better if it's bassless? I tend to disagree I think it's tasteless. Spoiled like an egg and rich like a dream. This is not a time to forget what you need You know it’s no thing I hate. But it will double cross you when it’s too late Day in, day out, what would l ever do about you, I could never live without brew. I’ll tough it out bru, or blizow my brains out, not exactly true but I’ll maybe flip out, like robert fripp in fred frith mode. I’m where the rubber meets the road, but you’re where the face meets the chode, you name is johnny doe, and you live in a house boat, and you’ve got a summer abode on skid row and your commode is overflowed. I dropped a floater in your upper deck. Your face’s house’s mom’s face’s house looks like a car wreck. You looking really fine in that yellow turtle neck. I such a total deck. I’m the albatross around your neck. But everyone’s got their own cross to bear. There’s not enough for everyone so looks like you’re going to have to share with me. I’ll pee on your knee while you sleep b-cuz it’s easy. and I don’t want to use the real latrine.
I’ve got a serious problem and it’s not getting solved. I try take my mind off of things I go take a walk. I’m thinking a lot as I go around the block. And when I come back my thing is not yet resolved. Because I am not magic, and I do not have rich. Sometimes I record a track straight, sometimes I use synth. There is never a lesson there is nothing to gain. I keep track of my gain because my audio interface is insane. It does whatever it wants. It adds little clicks and pops. I do not know why. but I don’t get paid to fix this crap. it does what it wants all the time everyday
gas prices are hilarious I pay the prices in various places, different stations, oil dependent nations, I'm losing motivations because of the frustrations, deep in my heart, in my butt there's a fart, in my house there is art, in the lot there's a car, The price that it costs to put gas in my jaguar. a dollar doesn't put you down the street very far Well you know not like it used to. I used to drive with you 2, my friends from you tube, straight down to Houston and we would talk on our bluetooth in unison and pretend that we were cuban. Maybe one day I;lll write up a memoir about the time when I used cruise around hollywood blvd with the top dropped, wind blowing through my perfect hair, the smog permeates the air filling up my lungs, the roads in a constant state of disrepair. My hands up to the sky like I don’t care, waving back and forth in despair, the car is headed towards somewhere, we drive up to delaware, we crash into a wheelchair, I’m sitting doctor’s chair, I’m filling out the paperwork for your timeshare, I’m filling up my gas tank like I’m a billionaire, I’m sitting on the throne dropping off some children at the daycare, I’m going to stop working and begin living entirely off of wellfare. If you think that’s unfair then you can live elsewhere. Look I know you got really scared and now it’s time change your underwear but I’m growing out my metal hair so I can be there for you at the meshugguah show. I’m not the type of person that misses those shows. Meshuggah’s really awesome and they’re a great live band and I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. 0
Where's Bradly?
Jake Jake 02:02
That’s not what I heard, I had heard you got done served, I believed every word because it did not seem absurd. I’m not that gullible but , I’m important, I’m political, I’m infallible, I’ve served a good ten years upon your head as a servant with a crown with my boots solid in the ground, electrical disturbances all around me, So, as I wander into to town, I stumble into Berkeley Bowl finding some great food on the ground and some on the shelf, so I gather it all up, take all of it home to my house, I do not want to let the food get browned, That’s what this story is all about, If you listen to my mouth, I will lay it all out.. for you, like I’ve been living deep in the south for two years with a beard. You’re adrift with a spliff and fifth cuz you got the pink slip. You don’t convince me. cuz you’re not convincing, My lyrics are all mincemeat, I don’t do whistling, but I’m wishing that your attitude would improve over time, many days, many months, it’s a car, there’s a clutch, pull up the brake, do a donut, dip it in the coffee, drip all over the napkins, you’re making a mess in the store, or at least you have been caught on camera doing what you love, spilling coffee from the legs of pastry, She’s beautiful, and she’s your wife, she’s your baby. You were brought up in a military family. living in the forest with bambi, all around there’s ubiquity, omnipresent everywhere, open up your christmas presents it’s new underwear. I can see the suprise in your big red eyes, glaring at me trying to picture my demise, You can try it’s okay because I won’t die I’m an anti-crime advocate, and I’m really passionate, I beg you parden, You can’t go to kindergarten when your drinking hoegaarden and you’re yellin’ and your fartin’, in the bay’ I be bartin’, don’t be drivin, don’t be starting fights, don’t be staying out at nights, mr. officer I know my rights! You can’t lock me up too tight, leave the noose loose so I might slip out like a drip from a spout, or a myth not writtin out, subject to change, warning I cannot be held responsible for all of your stupid crap, cause it’s non-stop and I’m not down that, you need to be babysat by a beurocrat in the laudrymat because that is where your from, it’s your natural habitat. You will blend in and diasppear hopefully
Art Studio 01:40
Bad situations. What do you think your waiting for? And you just go ask me that? What do you going use your toungue? Or do you feel your song is already been sung? But you’re still young Death is getting warmed up. We can rip a fast one? Do you sleep on hardwood floors? Does it actually feel like success anymore? Battle for the Deaf, with the fully funtional claim to turned-on, do you feel like squirming tonight girl? My wit is at a full clip, running from the tits to the cops. I transmit a track I dropped, any clan adopts this. Can’t comprehend why I should pretend to let my will bend you. The content that you send hot off the press contains a message I am not willing to expend my effort to extend my ear so that I could hear, friend. maybe you should try again, reappear as an assasin. Slaughter visciously, piercing the dicotomy, seperate viscosity, saturated in absurdity. I think oblivion is on a saturday, but I am Driving with you now down to LA on the following sunday I was born to ignore carefully laid plans. I don’t have to think about it cauz I feel in my glanz. This is why I’m not a dancer. This is why I can nott know the correct answer. I think that zombie movies are the greatest kind of mood enhancer. I am just another human, just like everybody else, maybe I’ll get some crazy cancer just like everybody else. don’t confuse me, I take care of my health, but you never know future, there is no easy way to tell. Well I happen to be a scorpio but I think I found a pisces I don’t what crap means but I guess but I’m here to roll the dicies, when the winds change come on over nicely we will lose so much but we gain like thrices. We all want a piece of the pie, we would like the largest slice please, And it would be extra sweet if you could provide some ice cream, put that crap on top with some fruit and some chocolate, cinnamon and powedered sugar honey and crushed walnuts.
Nurse 01:46
Like this one time I was totally hungry. I was in thai restaurant and I had asked for food I said “Nurse come here I have to talk to you” I ordered the same thing like I always do Told her now make it spicey like I asked you to she asked how much I wanted from 1-10 I said I need it at 11 and if you asks again then my whole entire meal would be free of charge. the tip I leave could not be described as large She thought a little bit and wrote it down on her pad I guess cuz that’s the only useful paper she had She probably just didn’t want to write on her hand But that’s totally normal and I’m cool with that she looked at me and asked if that would be all she posistioned her pen as if preparing to scrawl I shouted no, hold on, just hold the ball So I looked at the menu and she looked at the wall, I think this meal is going to need something else I decided right then that I would some good liquid She provided some and then I sat there sipped it while I waited for food I considered my life but before I knew it my meal had already arrived it wasn’t an 11 it was more like a 5. and also there a little bit of dirt on my knife. The spice was not nice and I would’ve liked twice the rice, and it tasted like lice, and if I’m going to pay the price for this meal you to get real, because this was not quite the deal. It tastes like snot for real which lacks a certain appeal. and I’m sorry for the dreary shpeil but I won’t lay down any of my dollar bill in exchange for your service, Jill. It makes me nervous that I did not get a free refill, so I think it would be ill if you could just pick up my bill
Welcome to the space trek. I am the captain of the buttership. Here we put saffron in our microchips to help us cruise smooth and make a round trip. We’re on a search for love. we put roundup in your coffee cup to so you would keep your mouth shut. We’re going to show you what’s what. Because we’re a local ‘Start-up’. We going to do things our way and there’s nothing you’re going to say, but you might be late for your first day on the job cleaning room logs and walking other peoples dogs. It doesn’t sound very glamorous at all but that’s because it’s not. But we’ve redefined glamour and reassigned landlords so that we would have the freedom to explore with the commander while dishing out slander and invalidating prophecy. We won the last game of monopoly. We like to be the metal dog, so that you would get stuck with the car. It doesn’t even start. When I slouch and I fart I seem little taller than kareem abdul jabbar. For my art project I slam a ton of buckets every season. Every player in the NBA is going to pleadin’ cuz they’ll be needin’ some professional help or a beacon of hope, a deep tissue massage, or 10 car garage with a fatty padlock on the huge freakin door. A VHS tape of Matlock and an in store visit and promo outfit like a pro hoe he be sellin’ out of yo’ home in chicago although he be on the road so he be running out the do’, joe, We have some very dirty theories about coffee and biology. We’ve noticed some anomalies. Maybe you should apologize. You’re leading double lives, and gathering up extra wives and making your entire living selling crappy kitchen knives. How exactly are you going to ’splain to this parents. You’ve got crazy bad grades your family is enraged and your beepers getting paged because you are selling hard drugs. You wish to be amongst the cool bugs, but now you are getting mugged by some thugs because you were Walgreens walking down the wrong isle at the wrong time. you are in the food line. This is not good time to be crying. You better hide your shame and start lying. I don’t mean to be pryin’, don’t want be snoopin and spyin, but I want to fully understand the current balance of your bank account, because your rent check just bounced, and I’m ‘bout to throw you out, so please close up your talking mouth.
Small2 00:46
Who exactly are you’re talking to I don’t know I guess I thought I was talking exactly to you your vision is skewed, dude, keep your eyes off my boobs, you’re lude, don’t be rude, And here comes the attitude don’t try to diffuse the rizzle sizzle sting thing you know its not news I see you’ve got a blingfinger, hair trigger figger’d out my culinary bringer now we gettin’ way out lets not let this linger like a cranberry singer, taste the rainbow trout, dallop my trallop insane bro, you sound like the matrix it’s morphine time, get with the basics, I hate it you hate it? but you ate it!! I baked it!! I saw you!! nah I faked it like a fake tit A mammory myth, not even true a little a bit. not committed to the law of the bra, I admit no jack to withdraw
It's the witching hour. It's the time that owls feast on rats. It's the camaflouge that we will use to manage the pretense. It's the clear charismatic touch of perfect silence. I can feel the beating of your heart inside of your intent. Don't you sex don't you know the self is coming out. The confusion that you feel is the illusion of the self. don't you sex? Don't you know the self is coming out? Do you see yourself? Do you know what love's about? don't you sex? Don't you see self emerging out? You will be the Id tonight. this is without a doubt .. You can see my flesh heart gleaming in the blogspot, I exist of wollen lazers woven strong with many knots. There it is in the middle drowning the crockpot. hanging on the end of sentence like a little dot. My linen drapped across my arm, standard is sewn into the heart. The representatives of my intentions will do their part. Don't be such waste of time. it's just another star. don't You know internal space and time is infinately far. I don't know who I'm talking to. I don't know why I'm breathing. But I want to be with you so that I can relieve this feeling. With the streetlights standing lonely and tall outstide. I can become myself, I will stand by your side.
Cancel My Calls. Don't Talk to me like that. chippy chippy chippy.
Euro-Hippy 00:38
I’m trying to get rid of something, all the bearded euro hippys that are living on the couch. They are fully funded and they have front pouch where they keep their cool wallet and their one hitter as the talk comes from the mouth I prepare to leave the house because sometimes you know you have to branch out. Maybe meet up with co-worker and grab a drink up at the bar that you don’t go to because it is really far from where you live, you have kids and they drink a large glass of milk and you drink a beer. You have no fear of the truth because your name is fox and your youth was terribly obtuse cuz your sister was removed by the aliens. you’ve become a sleuth for the FBI. and yo u can’t seem to find the guy. a thousand times you’ve almost died and scully cried and whined and complained cuz she doesn’t think your right about the thing, it’s the story of your life, and it’s constantly happening
I’m in a predicament because i don’t know the predicate I predict that instead of it I’ll find an imperfect replacement five finger discount five finger basses make a like a thief in the night full with a fright of being in sight coloring the lines following the green signs its what’s on your mind On the clock you’re on my time, when my watch works fine immersed in scotch because I found it in the goldmine, remember the old yarn about that one time we went down to the earth to dig up on the sweet kind, but you fell behind, nou pa jwe. Bagay diab, lanfe sak ap fe jou a pase le w pa gen distre si w ap antre twou a fou gen fwa fou pa bliye sa kap bay ou bon lavi la stalled the redesign of the entire plan. when we could be the commander like a landlord, jackson on the dancefloor, running for the back door, running up the flag pole, don’t you know, I will support you at your next show. eske se yon ougon ki la le w jwen sante a? eske timoun yo ka bwe san moun nan? Ou kwe nan bagay diab sa ki pral touye la pa geyen lespwa kap chita ak bagay sa Reinvent the wheelm redisign with steel do this all with great zeal, make a hundred thousand bills, do not repeal the laws, watch all the equals to jaws, as wells as all the saws, and pink floyd with this wizard of oz petet baron samedi ap gade nou chak jou men sa pa vle di nou bezwen vin fou there's been obvious mismanagement, your website is excrement, cervesa is excellent and only the penitent man will pass Indiana what do you think of that? I've got the lovely tama-tama attack cd up in my backpack.
Duck General 03:18
Jump in to the babe ride, take off at the same time racing down the street in the ford car, listen to the bass line intelligently designed... terribly performed that part of the mind that allows for.... Si w kraze, wap pase, pa di m sa w we Paske m kone gen tann we tout lavi devan je Wap mélange sa ki vre, sa ki pa vre Gen bagay nan nwit la ou dwe evite attack of the battle ships, hang on to your handy grips, listen as the coffee drips, shiver as the cold nips it in the bud.. where's the opportunity? A successful guy owns a small business. A project based out of taiwan. another thing we made in peru. A boxed wine tasting owned by family run organization in partnership with the government of portugal. A second mortgage you'll be paying for the rest of your life. Pa kwe nan tet moun yo, obien wap pedi chemen yo Ba m di ou mem si w tap fe tankou lanfe pa egziste Wap we wap we wap we sa ou tap fe si w pat okipe Mem si bondye pat ka bay ou lamen, nwaye nan lanme Kenbe do m, mama kenbe do m, geyen doule andan tet mwen, andan! Andan ko mwen, po mwen, k ap fe m kriye, fe bwi, fe m ri, fe m di sa m fek di m vle li You can't live twice. you only live once. isn't that nice. You don't have multiple lives, like your multiple wives, or your multiple knives. your multiple guns, look at all the army nuns. I like to drive big trucks, because they're the farting ones. They smuck up the atmosphere, the exhaust from the rear comes into the house and makes me up a nice home cooked meal. And that is the deal. Duck meat never tasted much like a chicken. I took 3 wives and I keep them all in the kitchen. They cook stereos that I found in the trash and nobody ever told me that a stereo was bad for your ass. It's about as bad as eating glass in front of 10 strippers. The 11th one is usually free if you do their zippers. They can't reach them because their arms are short in stubby like a delegate in washington that can hardly wait to take your money. They think it's really funny. I think it's funny back. I'll throw an egg in church to see if jesus let's it crack. I used to run a donky farm and touched the donkey's sack. She said that we were married and wouldn't let me take it back. So now I have a donkey wife and my kitchen's full. I should have bought a flying dog and sailed to Istanbul. I might have bought a cymbal stand for my favorite piece of shit sabian that I bought when I was really drunk. I bought a lot of other shit but UPS lost it. So if I see a brown truck I probably will accost it. I learned about how to accost in the second grade. Because I sat across from a girl who later wouldn't receive financial aid. I looked her up and saw that now she has huge tits. I guess that's cool but I sort of wish she was an ugly bitch. That would be funnier for sure, but maybe she has a husband that only eats fast food and takes really nasty shits.
sfsocks 00:59
It’s not a big a deal really I just think that you’re weird is all. Before y’all get to far away from my face let me tell you about 681aes. I do not listen to drum and bass at all because I was told not install the program to by the police. If I did I would go straight to jail or straight to hell and then the cops would sell all of my chekeres to old people who probably just break them or sell them for a greater profit and make them decorations at home, These people talk on the phone like it’s a serious business and they were stupid belts that don’t match their socks because they were born in the 6th grade locker room next to the bag of socks that smelled like san francisco.


TFPP prezents: "Chill Crosby Two:Chill Crobzie 3: Kryll Byll"
A Rap Album
DJ Cutlet
Michael LaDue
Sarah Woods
Patrick Hart


released February 14, 2013


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. ... more

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