It's the witching hour. It's the time that owls feast on rats. It's the camaflouge that we will use to manage the pretense. It's the clear charismatic touch of perfect silence. I can feel the beating of your heart inside of your intent. Don't you sex don't you know the self is coming out. The confusion that you feel is the illusion of the self.

don't you sex? Don't you know the self is coming out?
Do you see yourself? Do you know what love's about?
don't you sex? Don't you see self emerging out?
You will be the Id tonight. this is without a doubt ..

You can see my flesh heart gleaming in the blogspot, I exist of wollen lazers woven strong with many knots.
There it is in the middle drowning the crockpot.
hanging on the end of sentence like a little dot.
My linen drapped across my arm, standard is sewn into the heart.
The representatives of my intentions will do their part.

Don't be such waste of time. it's just another star. don't You know internal space and time is infinately far. I don't know who I'm talking to. I don't know why I'm breathing. But I want to be with you so that I can relieve this feeling. With the streetlights standing lonely and tall outstide. I can become myself, I will stand by your side.



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TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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