Music by Patrick Hart
Featuring Michael LaDue and DJ Cutlet


Jump in to the babe ride, take off at the same time
racing down the street in the ford car, listen to the bass line
intelligently designed... terribly performed
that part of the mind that allows for....

Si w kraze, wap pase, pa di m sa w we
Paske m kone gen tann we tout lavi devan je
Wap mélange sa ki vre, sa ki pa vre
Gen bagay nan nwit la ou dwe evite

attack of the battle ships, hang on to your handy grips, listen as the coffee drips, shiver as the cold nips it in the bud..
where's the opportunity? A successful guy owns a small business.
A project based out of taiwan. another thing we made in peru.
A boxed wine tasting owned by family run organization in partnership with the government of portugal.
A second mortgage you'll be paying for the rest of your life.

Pa kwe nan tet moun yo, obien wap pedi chemen yo
Ba m di ou mem si w tap fe tankou lanfe pa egziste
Wap we wap we wap we sa ou tap fe si w pat okipe
Mem si bondye pat ka bay ou lamen, nwaye nan lanme

Kenbe do m, mama kenbe do m, geyen doule
andan tet mwen, andan! Andan ko mwen,
po mwen, k ap fe m kriye, fe bwi, fe m ri,
fe m di sa m fek di m vle li

You can't live twice. you only live once. isn't that nice. You don't have multiple lives, like your multiple wives, or your multiple knives. your multiple guns, look at all the army nuns. I like to drive big trucks, because they're the farting ones. They smuck up the atmosphere, the exhaust from the rear comes into the house and makes me up a nice home cooked meal. And that is the deal.

Duck meat never tasted much like a chicken. I took 3 wives and I keep them all in the kitchen. They cook stereos that I found in the trash and nobody ever told me that a stereo was bad for your ass.
It's about as bad as eating glass in front of 10 strippers. The 11th one is usually free if you do their zippers. They can't reach them because their arms are short in stubby like a delegate in washington that can hardly wait to take your money.

They think it's really funny. I think it's funny back. I'll throw an egg in church to see if jesus let's it crack. I used to run a donky farm and touched the donkey's sack. She said that we were married and wouldn't let me take it back. So now I have a donkey wife and my kitchen's full. I should have bought a flying dog and sailed to Istanbul.
I might have bought a cymbal stand for my favorite piece of shit sabian that I bought when I was really drunk. I bought a lot of other shit but UPS lost it. So if I see a brown truck I probably will accost it. I learned about how to accost in the second grade. Because I sat across from a girl who later wouldn't receive financial aid.

I looked her up and saw that now she has huge tits. I guess that's cool but I sort of wish she was an ugly bitch. That would be funnier for sure, but maybe she has a husband that only eats fast food and takes really nasty shits.



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TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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