That’s not what I heard, I had heard you got done served, I believed every word because it did not seem absurd.
I’m not that gullible but , I’m important, I’m political, I’m infallible, I’ve served a good ten years upon your head as a servant with a crown with my boots solid in the ground, electrical disturbances all around me, So, as I wander into to town, I stumble into Berkeley Bowl finding some great food on the ground and some on the shelf, so I gather it all up, take all of it home to my house, I do not want to let the food get browned,
That’s what this story is all about, If you listen to my mouth, I will lay it all out.. for you, like I’ve been living deep in the south for two years with a beard. You’re adrift with a spliff and fifth cuz you got the pink slip. You don’t convince me. cuz you’re not convincing, My lyrics are all mincemeat, I don’t do whistling,
but I’m wishing that your attitude would improve over time, many days, many months, it’s a car, there’s a clutch, pull up the brake, do a donut, dip it in the coffee, drip all over the napkins, you’re making a mess in the store, or at least you have been caught on camera doing what you love, spilling coffee from the legs of pastry, She’s beautiful, and she’s your wife, she’s your baby. You were brought up in a military family.
living in the forest with bambi, all around there’s ubiquity, omnipresent everywhere, open up your christmas presents it’s new underwear.
I can see the suprise in your big red eyes, glaring at me trying to picture my demise, You can try it’s okay because I won’t die I’m an anti-crime advocate, and I’m really passionate,
I beg you parden, You can’t go to kindergarten when your drinking hoegaarden and you’re yellin’ and your fartin’, in the bay’ I be bartin’, don’t be drivin, don’t be starting fights, don’t be staying out at nights, mr. officer I know my rights! You can’t lock me up too tight, leave the noose loose so I might slip out like a drip from a spout, or a myth not writtin out, subject to change, warning I cannot be held responsible for all of your stupid crap, cause it’s non-stop and I’m not down that, you need to be babysat by a beurocrat in the laudrymat because that is where your from, it’s your natural habitat. You will blend in and diasppear hopefully



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TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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