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Like this one time I was totally hungry.
I was in thai restaurant and I had asked for food
I said “Nurse come here I have to talk to you”
I ordered the same thing like I always do
Told her now make it spicey like I asked you to
she asked how much I wanted from 1-10
I said I need it at 11 and if you asks again
then my whole entire meal would be free of charge.
the tip I leave could not be described as large
She thought a little bit and wrote it down on her pad
I guess cuz that’s the only useful paper she had
She probably just didn’t want to write on her hand
But that’s totally normal and I’m cool with that
she looked at me and asked if that would be all
she posistioned her pen as if preparing to scrawl
I shouted no, hold on, just hold the ball
So I looked at the menu and she looked at the wall,

I think this meal is going to need something else

I decided right then that I would some good liquid
She provided some and then I sat there sipped it
while I waited for food I considered my life
but before I knew it my meal had already arrived

it wasn’t an 11 it was more like a 5.
and also there a little bit of dirt on my knife.
The spice was not nice and I would’ve liked twice the rice, and it tasted like lice,
and if I’m going to pay the price
for this meal you to get real, because this was not quite the deal. It tastes like snot for real which lacks a certain appeal. and I’m sorry for the dreary shpeil but I won’t lay down any of my dollar bill in exchange for your service, Jill. It makes me nervous that I did not get a free refill, so I think it would be ill if you could just pick up my bill



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TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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