from Lost in Time by TFPP



If you listen to the bands that rock, you will that they all know to sing and talk.
You should notice how their fans take stock that the drummers hi hat ticks like a clock
If you follow the tour van around then you will be driving from town to town
If you're then you buy a t-shirt then everybody knows you were at the concert.

There's a million bands in this country you can not pretend like you know them all
You can get away with quite a lot, because most people don't even care They just don't care.
when a band comes in to your town you do the research and you learn about their background
Then when some bro comes along with shirt you can show him up, and prove that he's a poser.

If you pick the merch, you will support the band, you will be a good fan, if you pick up the merch, you will support the band, you want to be a good fan, come on buy that t shirt.

It's every little bands big dream to acquire a substantial following
You make it a reality with others like yourself you could create a scene
A band will be underground but when they get popular they change their sound.
At this point all the fans disagree but it doesn't to the band you see.


from Lost in Time, released January 7, 2011


all rights reserved



TFPP Oakland, California

TFPP is the collaboration of "HipHop" (Wake) and "Plug-in" (DDB). Hip hop and Plug-in first met in Pickens, South Carolina as fierce opponents. They were contestants in the local illegal underground magic the gathering tournies. Much later, things lightened up considerably, and eventually, by means of Constructive Discussion technique, they were able to talk through their differences. tfpp.net ... more

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